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Can I get advice on installing my electrical products?

As detailed in all our instructions, it is extremely important that electrical products should be protected by a residual current device (RCD).  However, under new EU legislation, we are obliged to advise that all electrical work on garden lighting and power installations must comply with part P of the Building Regulations and should be carried out by a competent electrician, who is registered under the Part P self-certification scheme.  If this is not the case, then your local Building Control Department must be advised.  It is a criminal offence if you do not comply with this.

Can I extend my UVC cable?

We are sorry to inform you that the cable cannot be extended, once it extends to voltage drops, meaning the bulb may not alight or it may destroy the unit.

Why is there no plug provided with my pond electrical product?

Due to current UK Building Regulations we are unable to sell electrical pond equipment with a fitted plug.

Powersafe Switchboxes

Why has the remote for my Powersafe Remote Switchbox stopped working?

The signal could have been lost between the remote and the Powersafe box. Please view the re-setting instructions in your instructions manual.

If I have more than one remote-controlled switch box in my garden, do I just use one handset?

No, each handset has its own frequency, so you can control each unit with its own handset. This also means that if your neighbour has one, they can’t switch yours off with their handset!

Can I replace the LEDs on my Powersafe Switchbox?

The LED lights in the switchbox are fitted at the manufacturing stage and are not available as a spare part

How do I remove my Powersafe Switchbox Circuit Board?

Remove all visible screws (there are no hidden screws in this unit) and then remove the board by pulling it forward and up.  There are small retainer brackets at the back of the board, therefore it cannot be removed directly upwards.

Can I link two Powersafe Switchboxes?

Unfortunately, the Powersafe Switchboxes cannot be linked to one another as this would cause the original box to exceed its maximum loading.

Where can I purchase some Powersafe Switchbox fuses?

We no longer stock replacement fuses ourselves, however suitable replacement, 1.5am and 5amp fuses can be purchased from most electrical retailers.


I have bought 5 Photech lights and have two 3-way connectors. How do I set these lights up?

The 5-way connector offered very limited flexibility and therefore, by using two 3-way connectors, a wider configuration could be offered to consumers.
The configuration with two 3-way connectors are:

  • 3m of cable from the socket to the transformer
  • 5m of cable from the transformer to the first 3-way connector
  • 5m of cable from the first 3-way connector to each of two lights, ie: 10m from transformer
  • 5m of cable from the first 3-way connector to the second 3-way connector
  • 5m of cable from the second 3-way connector to each of the three lights, ie: 15 m from the transformer.

Recent feedback has indicated that consumers are delighted with the additional flexibility this gives them.

What is the light fitting for my Enhance LED Garden Lights?

The Enhance LED Garden and Pond lights fitting is MR16.

Electronic Blanket Weed Controller

Why is the Blanket Weed Controller not having any effect on the pond weed?

The Controller can take up to 90 days to start to eliminate the weed. After this time, we would suggest that you test your water to check pH and nitrates are OK. If the pH is high, then you will need to locate the source, which could be high nutrients or calcium leaking from concrete in or around the pond. If there is any untreated concrete, it can be sealed using a pond sealant. Nutrients can be reduced by carrying out a series of partial water changes. You could also try turning the unit off for a week then turn back on. The unit works in cycles and this can sometimes be enough to kick-start the system again.

Why does my Electronic Blanketweed Controller not work after the power is turned off?

There are two potential causes: the antenna connectors are by necessity a very tight fit and from experience, we know that if these connectors are not properly engaged, then effectively there is a ‘break’ in the circuit and the signal light will not flash, indicating a problem.
When the mains power is switched on, the power light will come on, then a diagnostic self-test is initiated, causing the green light to flash on start-up.  When this initial self-test is complete, the green light will initially turn off, before beginning to “pulse”.  We have occasionally found that, as the green light goes off, the owner believes the unit is not working, when this is not, in fact, the case.

What size and type of hosing should I use with the Electronic Blanketweed Controller?

  • There should be no metal in the pipe, around which the antenna is wrapped (sometimes found in flexible hosing)
  • The diameter of the pipe should be less than 2”, to ensure good contact with the antenna
  • The wall of the pipe itself should not be thick, as this could affect contact
  • Only half the volume of pond water should be pushed through the system once every hour.

Where can I locate my Electronic Blanket Weed Controller?

The Electronic Blanket Weed Controller complies with IP56, which is weatherproof, not waterproof.  As a safety precaution, we recommend siting the unit 1.5 m away from the pond so that it is unlikely to fall or get knocked into the water.

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