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Liberty Mini Feature – Sidney the Stoat

NOTE - This product is now obsolete although it may still be available in some stores. This page is for informational purposes only.

Water spitter figurine
Enjoy the sights and sound of moving water with this beautiful, instant water spitter.

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The best bits...

Gently pulsing water jet creates a relaxing attractive water feature
Battery backup ensures running even on cloudy days
Freedom to locate anywhere

Key features

  • Freedom to instantly run without the need for mains power.
  • Solar panel with integrated battery backup system for greater running time in poor weather.
  • Gently pulsing water jet creates a relaxing attractive water feature.

Product overview

Identify a suitable area beside the pond to place your mini feature. Attach the black rubber hose to the hose connector on the figurine and the other end to the pump. Place the pump into the pond, ensuring it is fully submerged. Connect the pump plug to the socket on the solar panel. Using the provided wall bracket or ground spike, position the solar panel where it will receive the best sunlight. Your feature will start to run when the solar panel received enough power from the sun.

The mini water features are designed to spout water intermittently and the pump will work on a pulse timer of approximately 2 seconds on, 5 seconds off as long as the battery has received enough charge from the solar panel.

  • Minifeature
  • Feature Pump
  • Solar Battery System
Product code 1054416
Product barcode 5015368054416
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