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UVC pond filters


Keep your pond free of green water with our UVC Pond filters. Our selection of UVC Pond filters are designed to have no detrimental effects to the environment or water quality. Each of our UVCs includes a UV light lamp to kill green water algae in your pond. Say hello to crystal clear pond water!

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How does a UVC Pond filter work?

UVC Pond filters work by using ultraviolet light to kill algae and harmful bacteria in the water. The UVC light damages the DNA of these organisms, preventing them from reproducing and causing issues in your pond.

As the water circulates through the filter, it passes by the UVC light, effectively sterilising it and keeping your pond clean and clear. This process is safe for fish and plants in your pond, making it an effective and environmentally-friendly solution to maintain water quality.

Do I need a UVC filter for my pond?

We highly recommend using a UVC filter if your pond has issues with algae growth and water clarity. If you notice your pond water is green or murky, a UVC filter can help improve the water quality by eliminating algae and bad bacteria. Even if your pond currently looks clear, a UVC filter can still help prevent future algae blooms and maintain a healthy environment.

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