Blagdon Pond Grenade

Bid farewell to murky mayhem and embrace glistening serenity! Blagdon has pulled the pin on its new ‘Pond Grenade’ water treatment. 

The Pond Grenade is a bio-powered water treatment. Packed with a blend of friendly bacteria and hardworking enzymes, that neutralise algae, bacteria, and viruses, and help maintain clear and healthy pond water for fish and plants to thrive in.

Blagdon’s Pond Grenade champions simplicity. Drop a Pond Grenade into the pond and as it dissolves the good bacteria get to work. They’ll naturally break down organic matter, polish the water, and combat unpleasant odours, all while being 100% safe for fish, plants, and the environment.

Each grenade tackles a whopping 5,000 litres (1,100 gallons) of water, and the convenient 3-pack ensures long-lasting tranquillity.

Backed by Blagdon’s unwavering commitment to excellence, product effectiveness and customer satisfaction, the Pond Grenade is the latest treatment product to join Blagdon’s leading range of water and fish treatments.

About Blagdon
At Blagdon, water gardening isn’t just a business, it’s a shared passion with over 100 years of combined experience flowing through our veins. We’re not just selling tools, we’re equipping fellow enthusiasts with the best. Every product, designed in the UK and rigorously tested at home, reflects our dedication to quality and innovation. From British-made treatments formulated in our own Dorking factory to patented technologies pioneering the market, we push boundaries to bring you the absolute best. Our goal is simple: to help everyone, beginner or expert, find success and revel in the beauty and joy that water gardens bring.

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