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Water Feature Pumps


Elevate your pond to the next level with our powerful feature pumps. Reliable, efficient, and easy to install.

Need a pump for a waterfall feature or fountain? We have the right pump to suit your needs. Shop our selection of feature pumps today for a sparkling pond.

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What is a water feature pump?

A water feature pump is the perfect addition to any pond, stream, waterfall, or fountain. It’s a highly efficient device that pumps large volumes of water through your desired feature. Not only are these pumps powerful and easy to install, but they create stunning visual effects for your outdoor space.

Pump up the beauty of your pond

From tranquil streams to dynamic fountains, our feature pumps will bring life and beauty to your pond. Create custom water features with our selection of quality pumps built to last and designed for efficient water flow. With the right pump, you can get the best result for your feature pond.

Battery and solar powered pumps

Go green with battery and solar powered pumps! Make your outdoor space eco-friendly and stylish with easy to install battery and solar powered pumps. Ideal for ponds or water features in remote locations, these pumps are designed to keep running even without access to a power source.

Trusted products from Blagdon Water Gardening

With decades of experience in the water gardening industry, Blagdon is the go-to brand for reliable and efficient pond pumps. From battery powered options to powerful solar pumps, we have the perfect pump to suit your needs.

Quality is at the heart of every Blagdon product. Shop our range of feature pumps today and unlock the beauty of your pond!

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