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Electronic Blanket Weed Controller


Struggling with blanket weed in your pond? Tired of constantly battling this stubborn algae that can quickly take over and ruin the aesthetic appeal of your water feature? Look no further than our electronic blanket weed controllers.

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What is blanket weed?

Blanket weed, also known as filamentous algae, is a type of algae that forms long, green strands that can grow rapidly in ponds with high levels of nutrients and sunlight. It can quickly take over a pond, clogging filters and hurting plants. This can lead to both poor water quality and unhappy fish. 

Traditionally, removing blanket weed includes manually removing it with a net, using chemical treatments, or introducing certain fish or plants that can help keep it in check. However, these methods can be time-consuming, expensive, and may have harmful effects on the overall ecosystem of your pond.

But now you can simply use one of our electronic controllers to effectively and efficiently control blanket weed growth in your pond.

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