Clean Pond Pods

Clean Pond Pods

Do you have a pond in your garden that you love to relax by, but find yourself constantly battling common pond problems like blanketweed, string algae, sludge buildup, and dirty water? Look no further, as we have the perfect solution for you – a quick and easy 5in-1 water treatment that will tackle all of these issues with ease. Keep your pond spotless.

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How to use Blagdon clean pond pods

The pods are designed to clear blanketweed, consume pond sludge, and reduce the need for frequent filter maintenance.

Use 1 Pod per 500 litres of pond water. This ensures that the correct amount of the cleaning agent is being distributed in your pond to effectively remove debris and improve water quality. Repeat the dose two weeks after the initial dose. After that, continue to dose monthly or as needed.

Each pod should be added to the dosing chamber on the pond filter. As the pouches dissolve, they release gentle active ingredients into the filter, which then work their way into the pond water.  They can also be used to treat tap water and feed aquatic plants, promoting healthy growth.

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