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Pond Fountain, Filter & Waterfall Pumps


Crystal clear ponds made easy with our high-performance Pond filter & Watefall pumps. We offer a wide selection of pond pump and filter systems that are perfectly matched to save you money.

Specifically designed to handle solids and efficiently remove dirty water. Shop our selection of pond filter pumps and easily maintain a crystal clear pond.

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What is a Pond filter pump?

A Pond filter pump is the key to a beautiful looking pond. It’s easy to forget that even the most picturesque ponds in nature have a filtration system running beneath them. But, when it comes to creating and maintaining a beautiful and healthy pond in your own backyard, filter pumps are essential.

Not only do they ensure that your pond stays clean and debris free, but they also help to keep your pond’s water levels consistent. By removing dirty water through to a filtration system, the pump protects your pond, free from harmful bacteria and algae.

Say goodbye to murky waters

Blagdon’s range of pond pumps are designed to work with a variety of sizes. Whether you have a small feature pond or a large koi-filled lake, you can find the perfect pump for your needs.

Our selection of Minipond filter pumps will keep your pond looking its best all year round. Check out our selection today and keep your pond spotless.

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