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Pond Filter & Waterfall Pumps


Experience the beauty of a waterfall in your own backyard with Blagdon’s Pond filter and waterfall pumps. Create a calming atmosphere to make your garden pond feel like a serene oasis. Shop our selection of quality, reliable pumps today and make your garden an inviting and peaceful space.

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What is a Pond waterfall pump?

A waterfall pump is the lifeblood of your garden oasis. It’s the key to bringing your outdoor space to life with cascading waterfalls and bubbling streams. It works by pumping water from your pond to the top of your waterfall. It forces the water over the lip of the waterfall, creating a beautiful visual effect.

Not only will it add beauty and charm to your pond, but the sound of running water can even help reduce stress and create a peaceful atmosphere.

Determining the size of the pump

Ensuring you choose the correct size pump will keep your water feature running smoothly. Take into account the size of your pond and the height of your waterfall. 

Smaller pumps may not have enough power to push the water up to the top of the waterfall. Whereas larger pumps can be too powerful and cause excess splashing or over spill.

For the best results, we recommend using a pump with a flow rate of at least 0.35 litres per minute (LPM) per foot of height on your waterfall.

Make a splash with our reliable Waterfall Pumps

Blagdon’s waterfall pumps are designed to provide a consistent flow of water for the perfect waterfall effect. Each pump is made from strong and durable materials, and they come in a variety of sizes to fit any application. Our energy-efficient pump technology ensures that you won’t be wasting electricity or money while running your pump.

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