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Fit & Wild Food

Fishmeal Free

Fishmeal is one of the main ingredients of most fish foods, but it is often harvested from the ocean in the form of small oily fish like anchovy. Millions of tonnes of these forage fish are raided from the oceans every year, which puts a massive strain on the marine food web and the animals that rely on them for food, like dolphins, sharks and whales. Fit and Wild contains zero fishmeal to help protect the world’s forage fish resources and the animals that they support.

Fishes’ natural food

In the wild, most pond fish don’t eat other fish. Instead, they have evolved to eat insects and small crustaceans. That’s why Fit & Wild has been formulated using ingredients such as Black Soldier Fly Larvae, Mealworm, Daphnia and Bloodworm to give your fish a diet they would naturally eat in the wild. 

Sustainably grown insects

Fit & Wild natural food ingredients are produced in a sustainable way. Black Soldier Fly and Mealworm are fed waste food that would otherwise go to waste.   Bloodworm and Daphnia are naturally grown in ponds and lakes, making them a highly sustainable source of protein.  They also efficiently convert their food into flesh, grow incredibly quickly and require minimal land to be farmed.

Highly palatable and digestible

Because insects and crustaceans are what fish would naturally eat, they absolutely love the taste of Fit & Wild foods. The highly digestible insect protein also leads to less waste and therefore better water quality and healthier fish.

Complete nutrition

All Fit & Wild foods are expertly tailored to provide your fish with a balance of all the nutrients they need to be fit, healthy, colourful and in great condition. As a result you can be safe in the knowledge that you are giving your fish a fantastic food that fulfils all their dietary needs.

Created by experts

As passionate fish keepers ourselves, we appreciate all fish and the beauty of the natural world. We have used our experience and expertise to create a great food that’s natural, healthy, great tasting for the fish and kinder to the oceans.

Answers to the questions most commonly asked about our Fit & Wild Food Range

Is it a treat food?

No, Fit & Wild is expertly formulated to provide your fish with the daily complete nutrition they need to be fit and healthy.

Is the Fit & Wild Packaging Recyclable?

Yes! The pond stick pouches are made from LDPE and can therefore be recycled. Please see your local recycling centre for more information.

Why is Salmon oil in the ingredients?

Salmon oil is used in Fit & Wild for many reasons such as providing important omega 3 fatty acids – EPA and DHA. We make sure our salmon oil is sourced as a by-product from the farmed salmon filleting industry to ensure no fish are directly taken from the ocean to produce Fit & Wild food.

How much should I feed?

More fish are overfed than underfed so be careful not to feed too much.

feed as much as fish will eat in 2 minutes, 2-3 times a day

Always remember to remove uneaten food with a net.

Why is my fish not eating it straight away?

Occasionally, fish that are used to the taste of their current food, may take a few feeds to recognise the taste and texture of Fit & Wild. Try feeding ¼ Fit & Wild with ¾ of the current food and gradually increase the ratio of Fit & Wild over a few days to give your fish time to get used to it.

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