Blue Pond Colour 250ml

Create beautiful, blue pond water

Create beautiful, blue pond water, reduce algae growth and protect fish from predators.

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Key features

  • Creates beautiful, blue pond water
  • Helps reduce algae growth
  • Protects fish from predators
  • Pet, plants & wildlife safe
  • Uses an EPA & FDA certified dye
  • Treats 31,000 litres (6,820 gallons)
  • Product overview

    Blue Pond Colour helps reduce algae growth by reducing light levels entering the pond and helps protect your fish from predators by making them harder for wildlife to spot, whilst creating beautiful blue pond water. Harmless to filters and all species of pond fish, other emergent pond plants and water using wildlife.
    It is best to use this product in the Spring, before the algae has had a chance to begin growing.
    INSTRUCTIONS: Shake the bottle thoroughly and fill the dosage chamber as directed. For every 3,100 litres (682 gals) of pond water, add one 25ml measure of the product. Mix the Blue Pond Colour in a bucket of water and evenly distribute it over the pond. If you want a more intense colour, adjust the dosage to suit your preference.
    Reapply the Blue Pond Colour periodically to maintain the beautiful blue shade as it naturally fades over time. Enjoy your vibrant and protected pond with the help of Blue Pond Colour.

    Blue Pond Colour 250ml
    Product code 2863
    Product barcode 755349028634
    Disposal of electrical goods N
    Warnings Keep out of reach of children. Keep in original container, in a cool dry place, out of direct sunlight. Undiluted product will stain clothing and other items.
    Assembled dimensions (HxWxD) mm 170x100x30
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