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Affinity Inpond 5w UVC Kit

Upgrade your Inpond All-in-One to include a Green Water Clarifier* to permanently clear stubborn green water.

An effective way of resolving green water is to add a green water clarifier. It is a harmless and permanent solution to eliminating green water from your pool.

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Key features

  • Clears green water algae quickly and permanently
  • High output
  • Proven reliability
  • Compact Design
  • Adds even more cleaning power to your fantastic All-In-One system
  • Product overview

    The Affinity Blagdon Inpond that comes with your pool is designed to easily upgrade with a green water clarifier (otherwise known as an ultra violet clarifier (UVC))*. Green water algae are simple single celled plants that rapidly multiply when the conditions are right and leave the pool looking green and cloudy.
    UV Clarifier with 13m cable
    Product code 1052467
    Product barcode 5015368052467
    Disposal of electrical goods Y
    Mains cable length 13m
    Plug included No. In the UK it is illegal for manufacturers to supply an indoor use 3-pin plug with a fixed outdoor product for safety reasons. Please see Blagdon Powersafe Switch Boxes or Outdoor Connectors for safe and easy-to-use outdoor power solutions. Click through for available products
    IP Rating IP68
    Weight 0.0000kg
    Hz 50Hz
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