Solar Upgrade

The Liberty Solar Panel upgrade is designed as an additional power source for the battery-run feature or fountain pump

Run and recharge technology

Unlike standard solar powered water features or fountain pumps, the Liberty range work on a run and recharge system. This means that whilst running the feature/pump, the solar panel also harvests the sun’s energy into the Lithium battery.

Fast transfer of energy

The battery is very quickly charged from the sun’s energy, this is due to; the extra fast charge of the Lithium battery (compared to a standard alkaline battery), as well as the highly specified 5 watt solar panel (compared to the commonly supplied, 2.5 watt panels). This means you’ll enjoy continuous running of your feature or fountain pump during the sunnier months of the year.

Continuous running

Add the solar panel to your Liberty fountain pump or feature, prepared with a full battery, and you could go weeks without having to charge it at all. It will run either from the sun’s energy via the panel, or if the sun goes in the battery will kick in, so you can enjoy a continuous cycle of charging and running.

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