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Pond Guardian Tonic Salt Small

Essential physiological salts

Supporting your fishs health as a general tonic or pH buffer to alleviate stress or to aid their recovery during and after a course of treatment

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Key features

  • Essential physiological salts to promote pond fish health
  • Mild pH buffer
  • Protects fish against disease
  • Easy to use - can be added directly to a pond
  • Product overview

    Pond Guardians unique formulation helps to create the perfect environment for pond fish. This product stabilises pond water conditions, including all the important pH value. Pond Guardian is a major ally in your fishes struggle to maintain a constant internal body environment, and helps to reduce the toxic effects of fish waste products. For different dosing applications, see our dosage calculator
    Pond Guardian Tonic Salt Small
    Product code 2695
    Product barcode 755349026951
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