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Barley Straw Extract – 1000ml

Only Available in stores until August 2020

Fast acting solution, resolving green water, algae and blanket weed issues in a pond environment.

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Key features

  • Extract of Barley Straw may be used in ponds with filters and all species of pond fish, plants and water using wildlife.
  • The product contains no synthetic chemicals or artificial pesticides.
  • This product does contain aqueous barley straw extract as a source of hydrogen peroxide.

Product overview

Extract of Barley Straw is a fast acting and reliable formula for treating ponds with green water, algae and blanket weed problems. The formula is a high concentrate and easy to use for quick, natural results.
Barley Straw Extract - 1000ml
Product code 2662
Product barcode 755349026623
Disposal of electrical goods N
Size 1000ml
Treats 18184
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