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How do I clean my pond filter?

NEVER clean your pond filter with tap water as this kills essential bacteria. The simple way is to rinse the filter media or foams in a bucket of pond water to remove the heavy organic waste – they do not need to be sparkling clean.

Do I need to keep my pond filter on all of the time?

Check the impeller – if there are strands of pondweed in the pump, this may stop the impeller from turning correctly. Also, check the fountain if there is one – if the holes are blocked, the water flow will be reduced. Ensure the pipework is not blocked, leaking or is laid so that it gets crushed/kinked.  Remove hosing directly from the pump outlet to check the flow rate, as it may not be the pump.

Which size filter should I buy?

The correct size filter is dependent on the size of your pond, its location, depth and the fish stocking levels.  For further assistance, please contact your local Blagdon retailer, as detailed on our Store Locator.

How often do I need to change my ultraviolet bulb?

UVs are needed to kill green water and keep pond water clear. The bulb has an effective life of 6 months, as most ponds require UV for only 6 months a year, in late spring, summer & early autumn. The bulb should be changed once a year, preferably in spring.  Check to ensure that the quartz sleeve is not dirty or needs de-scaling.

How can I check if the UV in my filter is working?

Remove the inlet hosetail and hold a piece of white paper up to the end of the UV chamber.  A dim reflection should be seen.  This is best done in the evening as the reflection cannot be seen during daylight hours. Never look directly at the UV lamp when on.

Product specific – Inponds

How do I store my Inpond during winter?

The Inpond can be run during the winter, however care should be taken to make sure is it fully immersed and cannot freeze solid. If you do not wish to keep the unit running during the winter, please follow the annual maintenance procedure in the instruction booklet and store frost free in the house or garage until spring. Please note that by removing the filter you will destroy all the good bacteria needed to process fish waste and will need to treat the pond as if it were new, once returned to the pond.

How do I check that my UVC lamp is working on my Inpond?

To check that the UVC lamp is operating, open the filter unit and remove the filter foams and polymer wool cartridge. Positioned on top of the yellow contact chamber is a round viewing window where you should be able to see a faint blue light. This operation should be carried out at dusk.  Turning the lamp on and off may aid visual identification.
If you do not have the viewing window, we would advise that a piece of  white card is held against the UVC contact chamber inlet, you should see a faint blue light reflected on the paper.

Do I always have to keep the Inpond running?

YES, if you are keeping fish it is essential to keep the Inpond running to keep the ‘life support system’ functioning. It plays the key role in maintaining a healthy pond for fish and life.

Why is my Inpond floating?

It is possible that the ceramic media sacks are still in the plastic bags, this will act like a float. When setting up your Inpond take the ceramic media sacks out of the plastic outer bags. These are packed in bags to prevent the ceramic powder from covering the inside of the Inpond in white powder during transit. Also, try holding the Inpond under the water for a few moments to allow any trapped air to escape and it should then sink.

Can I turn the fountain/waterfall off at night or if I go away?

It is possible to turn off the fountain or waterfall without turning off the ‘life support system’. If you turn the flow adjuster completely to divert the flow to the pond, this maintains circulation and oxygenation to the fish and ‘life support system’. Turn the flow adjuster completely to the in pool diverter and feel the flow going into the pond. This is also a good option if you are away. It will prevent excessive evaporation/water loss but will maintain the flow of water in the pond.

We also recommend that you turn the fountain or waterfall off briefly when you feed your fish. This helps you too see clearly into the pond and enjoy your fish feeding. It also prevents the food getting churned up with the water.
You shouldn’t turn the entire unit off if you have fish as it is running and maintaining a biological filter to keep healthy water quality. Turning off the Inpond may also encourage green water.

My LED is not coming on early enough, why?

The night time LED is set to come on at a certain level of darkness. This has been set to allow for the sensor getting a build-up of dirt or algae, which would bring the darkness level sooner.
There is a sensor cover which can be moved over the sensor (mimicking darkness) if you would like to have the LED light running constantly.

Can I turn the LED off?

The LED is a permanent and automatic fixture. However, you can remove the LED lamp from its casing (replacing the cover) if you want to permanently turn the lamp off. See the Inpond instructions that came with the product for replacing/removing the lamp.

Product specific – Midipond

What is the black, oblong rubber part for?

This should be placed on the end of UV bulb for protection against it breaking.

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