Our Diagnosis

It sounds like your pond has high levels of nitrate

How to be sure

Your test results show high nitrate levels and your pond might also have quite a bit of algae in it. The fish may have rapid gill movement and be gasping at the water surface.

Step 1 – Treat your pond

  • Treat the entire pond using Sludge Buster
  • Complete a 10-25% water change using Fresh Start and re-test
  • Follow any re-treatment advise on pack or on our dosage calculator page.

BE AWARE! – Treatments can sometimes reduce oxygen levels in the water. If your fish begin gasping at the surface you can add an air pump to increase oxygenation.

Step 2 – Support your fish

  • Dose with Pond Guardian Tonic Salt to help support the fish’s immune system
  • If your fish are gasping at the surface, increase oxygen levels by adding an air pump.

Blagdon water and algae treatments can safely be used with Blagdon fish medications.

Only use one fish medication at a time.

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