Our Diagnosis

It sounds like your fish has pop-eye (an internal bacterial infection)

How to be sure

Pop Eye is as it sounds – swollen bulging eyes, your fish may have a swollen body with protruding scales.  Feeling much how it looks, your fish has clamped fins, no energy or appetite and possibly a noticeable change in its colouring.

Step 1 – Treat your fish

  • Treat the entire pond using Anti-Ulcer, you can calculate the correct dosage here.
  • Also dose with Pond Guardian Tonic Salt to help support your fish’s immune system.
  • Observe the recovery and follow any re-treatment advise on pack or on our dosage calculator page.
  • Finally, give your fish some time to recover. Avoid excessive cleaning or adding new fish.

Remember to remove the carbon from your filter prior to dosing.

Step 2 – Check your pond

  • When fish are sick, always test your pond water for excessive ammonia, nitrite, nitrate or pH imbalance.
  • Treat any unhealthy results to rebalance your water quality and give your fish the best chance of getting fighting fit again.
  • Check all your equipment is working properly – especially filters. Carry out any maintenance needed, or replace faulty or broken parts.
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