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DIY Affinity cover net

Learn how to make your own Affinity Pool cover net (Textaline models) using just a couple of items

Scroll down for written version of the video instructions.

To make your own cover net you will need:

  1. A pond cover net, we used a Blagdon Clearview Net 3 x 2m (big enough for the Affinity Grand Octagon),
  2. Some fold-back stationery clips
  3. Scissors

Unpack the cover net and shake open. Clip near the edge of the net to the front rail of the pool taking care not to scrath the rail coating. Now it is anchored at the front, manipulate the net over the pool and go around the edge clipping it place using two or three clips per side.

Trim off any excess but leave enough to tuck up under the rail to neaten up, at the end.Stretch across and re-clip if more tension is need to lift the net from the surface of the water.

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