Understanding green water

Green water (or ‘Pea Soup’) is caused by an algal bloom suspended in the pond water. There are several factors that can cause excessive growth of algae and although a Green Away treatment will remove algae the causative factors must be addressed to prevent further outbreaks.

Major influencing factors are:

Excess sunlight so you may benefit from adding floating plants – e.g. Lilies and water soldier – to cover up to 50% of the pond surface area or use planting around the pond to create areas of shade across your pond. You do not want to completely shade the pond as this will discourage good plant growth, however finding a balance could reduce the recurrence of blanket weed.

More nutrients than your existing pond plants can use which stimulates algae growth. Nutrient levels can be controlled by encouraging plenty of healthy fast growing pond plants and regularly removing waste and sludge from the pond.

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