Understanding sludge

Sludge is a build up of waste in your pond which without regular maintenance harbours the nutrients needed for algae growth and creates bad water quality which can affect fish and other aquatic life. Sludge will build up in any pond from the break down of plants, decaying fish food and other organic waste so consistent removal is necessary to stop it becoming a problem for the pond environment.

Key areas to consider when trying to reduce pond waste:

  • Over feeding and over stocking fish, both of these activates lead to excess waste and can also negatively impact on the health of your fish.
  • Falling leaves, in autumn use a cover net to stop extra, unwanted, plant matter entering the pond.
  • Regular maintenance, establish a good routine for, performing water changes, cutting away dead plants, removing fallen leaves and using products like Sludge Buster or Clean Pond Pods to control sludge and keep it at a more manageable level.
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