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Extra Strength Anti-Fungus & Bacteria – 1000ml

Effective, concentrated and easy to use formula

Treating fungus, fin rot and mouth rot organisms on goldfish, koi and carp

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Key features

  • Effective concentrated formula for goldfish, koi and carp
  • Product overview

    Extra Strength Anti Fungus and Bacteria should be used when the fishs mouth and fins appear to be rotting away and/or white cotton wool like growths are visible on the fish. This is a concentrated formula designed specifically for use with larger pond fish. This treatment acts against fungus and bacteria such as: fin rot, mouth fungus, mouth rot (flexibacter columnaris) and cotton wool fungus (saparolegni) Do not use with other fish medications This product can be used alongside any Blagdon Pond Water Treatment. Not for use on fish that are intended for human consumption *Shake well before use*
    Extra Strength Anti-Fungus and Bacteria - 1000ml
    Product code 2809
    Product barcode 755349028092
    Disposal of electrical goods N
    Size 1000ml
    Weight 1.1kg
    Treats 9,092 litres
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