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Our Diagnosis

It sounds like your fish have an accute internal bacterial infection

How to be sure

Your fish are unwell or may have even died suddenly with no obvious reason. This can be due to invisible poor water quality and can only be discovered by testing your water. If test results prove ok then it is most likely an internal bacterial infection which doesn’t always have visible symptoms and can affect the fish very quickly.

Step 1 – Treat your fish

  • Treat the entire pond using Anti-Ulcer, you can calculate the correct dosage here.
  • Also dose with Pond Guardian Tonic Salt to help support your fish’s immune system.
  • Observe the recovery and follow any re-treatment advise on pack or on our dosage calculator page.
  • Finally, give your fish some time to recover. Avoid excessive cleaning or adding new fish.

Remember to remove the carbon from your filter prior to dosing with treatment.

Step 2 – Check your pond

  • When fish are sick, always test your pond water for excessive ammonia, nitrite, nitrate or pH imbalance.
  • Treat any unhealthy results to rebalance your water quality and give your fish the best chance of getting fighting fit again.
  • Check all your equipment is working properly – especially filters. Carry out any maintenance needed, or replace faulty or broken parts.
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